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Square Yellow Color Coding Stickers 1/2" 1000/Stickers

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Product description

Very small square shaped yellow stickers for crafts and inventory purposes.  They measure at half of an inch from corner to corner.  They are easy to peel from the roll because of the corners as well as easy to apply to most flat surfaces. 

 Again, these yellow stickers are small and used for smaller items such as file folders, maps, library books, and small crafting projects or pre-school games.  We do have larger yellow square labels if you are looking something a bit bigger.

There are 1,000 stickers on each roll. We use a little label to hold the roll together with so because of that, we also include about 10 to 20 extra yellow stickers on the roll.

The adhesive is technically considered to be "permanent". This just means "strong adhesive", or "will stick well". Because these labels are so small, they will re-adjust and remove as needed. You can apply one of these to glass and remove it with no residue left over. This applies to most surfaces that you apply these to.

--- Product Highlights:

* Small Squares These are measured in 1/2" inch square (0.5" x 0.5")  Let us know if you would like a sample. 

* 1,000 Yellow Labels: We even put about 10 to 20 extra on a roll.

*Re-Adjustable Adhesive: Because these are so small, you are able to remove and re-adjust as many times as needed.

* Semi-Gloss Paper: Nice slight gloss on paper. Environmentally friendly ink print.

* Writable: Use a sharpie to write on these labels with.
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Square Yellow Color Coding Stickers 1/2" 1000/Stickers

$9.99 USD

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