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Head paper Shape 25/pk 9"

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These 9" tall head-shaped paper cutouts and 6" wide hand-shaped paper cutouts come in packages of 25 - 5 each of 5 culturally diverse colors.

Kids will love to decorate our 9" paper head shape and 6" paper hand shape. These paper cutouts, made from text weight paper in five culturally diverse colors, are perfect for kids crafts using virtually any medium - painting, coloring, gluing, collaging, and more. Use them as a teaching aid when you're teaching about body parts and facial features. Have kids make a self-portrait craft by adding eyes, eyebrows, lashes, noses, mouths, hair, even glasses or earrings. Little ones can look in the mirror and discover that even though their skin tone might be different from their friends', we all have eyes to see, ears to hear, and mouths to speak, and in that respect we're all the same. Hands are great for a culturally diverse "holding hands" bulletin board decoration or wreath.

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Head paper Shape 25/pk 9"

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